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ASDA Little Angles size 4 + – 78pcs (Large Baby pasting) (Copy)



Wonderfully soft and breathable for your little angel. SmartFloâ„¢ absorbency – absorbs moisture quickly and helps evenly distribute wetness for comfort. Flexi-fit security – elasticated back helps prevent leaks from sneaking up your little one’s back. Super absorbent gel beads – absorbs up to 30 times their own weight and locks away wetness. Super-soft leg cuffs – gently elasticated to help prevent pesky leaks. Slim nappy – created for increased freedom of movement. Size-up guide – helps you recognise when it’s time to move up a nappy size. Skin Health Alliance Dermatologically Accredited. ASDA Little Angels are the first supermarket own-label nappy brand to be accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.

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