Lody Baby Large 30pcs (Large Baby Pasting)


Non-permeable and breathing products with excellent protecting structure


Large 9 to 14kg

Made in Turkey

  • Now there is a diaper that takes care of your baby just as you do from the moment of birth.

    Our aim was to relieve the mothers and to give the babies their freedom. We worked for a long time in order to do this. We tested, we worked more. Eventually, we produced Lody Baby which provides ideal protection for the babies.

    ✓ Its extra soft inner surface provides the comfort your baby needs.


    ✓ Super absorbent layer which we have developed exclusively keeps your baby’s skin dry.

    ✓ Breathing external surface prevents the formation of diaper rash.

    ✓ Baby lotion in the inner surface protects and moistens your baby’s skin.

    ✓ With elevated non-permeable barriers, your baby feels more free and confident.

    ✓ Flexible and breathing side bands ensure the diaper to move in compliance with your baby, even if he/she is sleeping or playing.

    ✓ It fits the skin of your baby in the best way with its thinned anatomic structure.

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