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FingerTip Pulse OXIMETER (electric equipment)


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The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter LK87 is intended for use in personal self-monitoring and medical practice. In clinical settings, it is used in therapy, surgery, anesthesia, intensive care and ambulance. The pulse oximeter is used by patients for self-monitoring of those suffering from chronic diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, people who have suffered a heart attack (during the rehabilitation period), to control oxygen in the blood during exercise. Athletes can quickly monitor their level of exercise using a pulse oximeter. During physical exertion, the muscles burn oxygen and the level of oxygen saturation in arterial blood decreases. The LK87 pulse oximeter is very convenient, lightweight and compact, its weight with batteries is about 60 grams, does not require special preparation for its use, turns on by pressing a single button and automatically turns off when removed from the finger after 8 seconds. Features: Color informative OLED display Display of SpO2, heart rate and plethysmogram (pulse wave) There are several display modes of information on the display Lightweight compact design (weighing 50 g, including batteries) Low power consumption Automatic power off, battery charge indication Specifications Purpose: for patients from 30 kg. SpO2 measurement range,%: 70-100% SpO2 measurement error detected in the range: from 70 to 100% SpO2 measurement error in the 70-100% range: +/- 2% Pulse rate measurement range, beats / min: 30-250 Error pulse rate measurement, 30-100 beats / min: +/- 2 beats / min Resolution beats / min: Not more than 1 Display: color OLED Storage temperature, degrees : from -10 to 40 Dimensions, mm: 563534 Weight including batteries, gr. no more than 60 Power supply: AAA batteries 2 pcs. (or NiMH rechargeable batteries) :


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