KN 95 Mask


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Hong Quan KN95 (FFP2) Folding Particulate Respirator Mask

Help protect yourself from bacteria and viruses without hindering breathing. Also known as P2 respirators, disposable KN95/N95 respirators filter out very fine particles from the air and reduce the risk of transmitting airborne infectious diseases while working in or passing through potentially contaminated environments.


  • Lightweight, disposable design.
  • The cushioning conforms to the shape of your face, ensuring a secure, air-tight seal.
  • Comfortable cushioning to help ensure a secure, custom seal.
  • Resistant to breath moisture to avoid mask collapsing.
  • Durable elastic restraints.
  • Compatible with safety equipment such as glasses, earplugs, helmets and more.
  • Anti-dust, droplets, smog.
  • Filtering effect of up to 95%
  • Colour: White.


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