Lifecare Adult Diaper XL 10 (Adult Pasting)





  • 100% leak proof specially designed elastics prevent any leakage around the legs
  • Gel forming polymers and non-woven top layer ensure that the wetness is locked in and surface feels dry and comfortable
  • Wetness indicator disappears or fades away when the diaper is fully wet
  • Super absorbent Polymers are evenly distributed through the diaper ensuring enhanced absorbency
  • Adjustable fastening tapes for super comfort



  • Brand: Life Care
  • Category
    • Medium (M)
    • Large (L)
    • Extra Large (XL)
  • Waist / Hip Size
    • Medium: 26-47 inch
    • Large: 30-55 inch
    • Extra Large: 33-62 inch
  • Number of Diapers in the Pack: 10


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